When you first launch the app, you will see a window that contains the logo and the main menu, and the Chart and DOM will be selected. In the Tiger.Trade app, you can configure the appearance of your workspace to make it more convenient for you to work with.

The structure and features of the workspace

The structure of the workspace consists of three main elements, which you can add by clicking on the “+” symbol in the Title bar:

  • Window (command + N)

  • Workspace (command + T)

  • Widget

    • Chart (control + C)

    • DOM (control + D)

    • Order Panel (control + O)

    • Watchlist (control + W)

Windows — You can have several windows open at once, and also position them on different monitors

Workspace Just like tabs in windows. You can create an unlimited number of tabs in different windows.

You can rename a tab by double-clicking on it, and you can also put emojis in the name (using the combination Control+Command+Spacebar or just by copying them in the regular manner)

Widgets Located within a tab. You can add an unlimited number of widgets, as long as there is space for them in the window.

When you add a new widget to a tab, it is added to the column of previously opened ones. To move a widget, drag its header to the desired location

When you select a widget, it becomes highlighted, and the system automatically updates the instrument in the trading toolbar for it.

Types of widgets in the app

Let’s take a look in more detail at the widgets that you can use in the app and what they are useful for.


Here you can follow the changes in the quote at various time intervals, use graphical objects and indicators for technical analysis, and also place orders.


This widget contains all the necessary information for trading: the dynamic DOM, the trade feed, and clusters.

Here you can analyze supply and demand volumes, and also place orders.

Order panel

You can also place orders using the Order panel, where you can edit all the necessary information at once.


You can monitor and track the performance of selected financial instruments or assets in real time.

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