How to change the price scale in DOM?

On some instruments, traders face the problem of a discharged DOM. The price step of the symbol is very small, and there are few applications. As a result, voids form in the glass. It is inconvenient for a trader to track the symbol since only a small part of the orders is visible.

In this case, the compression of the DOM (changing the scale of the price) will help to cope with the problem. This allows you to see the DOM in a compressed form with grouped volumes.

For example:

  • If the price scale is 1, the price step is 0.01

  • If the price scale is 10, the price step is 0.1

Thus, as the scale increases, the bid prices will be located closer to each other, and the empty space will be reduced. Visually evaluate the DOM so it will be much easier.

This feature is similar to what WEB interface of Binance has.

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