How to trade via the order panel?

How does the trading toolbar work

Tiger.Trade offers a few different ways to place orders:
  • with your mouse on the chart or DOM
  • with hot keys
  • in the trading toolbar
You can open the trading toolbar in the chart or DOM or by clicking the + in the Title bar. If you open the trading toolbar from the chart or DOM, it will show the instrument from those windows. If you open it from the Title bar, you’ll have to select the instrument you want to place an order for.​
​In the trading toolbar, you can:
  • select a trading instrument
  • select a trade: BUY,SELL
  • select an order type: Limit—buy or sell at the best price, Market—buy or sell at the market price
  • see the value: Available (volume in USDT with the leverage, which you can’t change here)
  • see the leverage: Leverage (when trading futures)
  • select an account: Price
  • select an order volume: Size (in the trade or quote currency)
  • set an order duration
  • enter an order
Note that you can only place orders in the trading toolbar. If you want to modify or delete them, you’ll have to head over to the chart or DOM.