🧐How to provide logs and other files for investigation by support team?

If you encounter difficulties while using the Tiger.com macOS terminal and require assistance from our technical support, please provide our Support Team with additional data for our investigation:

  1. System Report

  2. Log files

  3. Crash log files

  4. Screenshot of your current Tiger.com version

1) System Report

Your system report that can be saved as a file in Apple menu > About this Mac > System Report > File > Save:

2) Log files

Log files can be found in (using Spotlight search): ~/Library/Containers/trade.tiger.Tiger.Trade/Data/Library/Logs/Tiger.Trade:

3) Crash log files. Crash log files can be found (using Spotlight search) in: ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/

Please select files named Tiger.com in the beginning.

4) Screenshot of your current Tiger.com version

Your current Tiger.com version can be found in Tiger.com => About Tiger.com:

We would also truly appreciate it if you record a video for us to show what exactly happens in the platform (QuickTime Player can be used for such purposes).

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