💲Today's results

We have added an excellent statistic widget, that can help you monitor not only PnL for the current day, but also control your risks!

The widget automatically resets statistics at 00:00 local time on the user's computer! If you opened a position yesterday and closed it today, you will see results only for the current day!

If single asset mode, then the $ amount represents your USDT balance on Binance.

If multi-asset mode, then the $ amount represents your USD balance on Binance.

To compare the calculation results with Binance, please visit this link

Initial balance

amount of money at the beginning of the current day (user local time)

Realized PNL

PnL without commission

Total fee

total amount of fee

Total PNL

Realized PNL - Fee

Wallet balance

Wallet Balance = Total Net Transfer + Total Realized Profit + Total Net Funding Fee - Total Commission. In the Single-Assets Mode, wallet balance includes USD@-M Futures account USDT and BUSD assets' wallet balance USD value. In the Multi-Assets Mode, wallet balance includes all USD@-M Futures account assets' wallet balance USD value.


(Wallet balance - Initial balance) / Initial balance * 100

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