⌨️How to set up shortcuts (hotkeys) in the application?

Shortcuts are helping traders to operate faster in the application! We have split hotkeys into 3 categories

  • Workspace - operations that are related to the application

  • Trading - all possible trading operations

  • Chart - standard shortcuts that are defined by TradingView

To modify the shortcut, you have to click on it and press a combination or a single key.

  • If you changed your mind and do not want to change the current shortcut, just click somewhere outside the current view.

  • If you want to disable a shortcut, just remove the checkmark.

  • If the checkmark is disabled it means that this is the system shortcut that cannot be changed.

If your shortcut doesn't work, it might be used by the chart or system itself.

Example: command+c will not be working, because it's used by the system.

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