Connect to Exchange

For you to be able to carry out trades in the terminal, it first needs to start receiving data from the exchange. For this to happen, you need to configure the connection to the relevant exchange (you should already have registered and opened an account with the exchange).

Please note that you can create two separate connections for spot and futures, but you can also create a single one on Binance in which you can put checkmarks next to both spot and futures at the same time.

To set up a connection to Binance:

  1. Now launch the app, click on your profile, and go to Preferences → Exchanges or (⌘+,)

  2. In the window that opens, click the Add new exchange button and select Binance from the list that appears. (for now, we only support

3. Specify the name of the connection in the window that opens (think of one that will be convenient and easy to find if you have a lot of connections) and enter the API key that you obtained on the Binance website.

To configure your API keys follow the instruction

Hit Connect to Binance. Once the connection is established, you will see the notification:

If you need to edit a connection, click on the three toggles in the row with the connection and switch to editing mode. This mode is only available in the absence of a connection.

In this row, you will also see:

  • Auto connect — when this option is activated, the system will automatically connect to the specified keys to the exchange when you launch the app.

  • Connected — this shows your connection status, as well as whether keys are connected at the current time or not.

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